Volume XV: Many Ryan Goslings

Hannah and Julia inadvertently work through some stuff in this week’s episode as they discuss all the horrible movie scenes that made them cry. A murderous documentary, a beautiful football brotherhood, and almost every Pixar movie ever bring the angst straight to your ears. Also, Hannah and Julia discover a mutual, unfortunate connection to Titanic….

Volume XIV: Who Okay’d This?

Hopefully your therapist is on speed dial, because this week Julia and Hannah are delving deep into their scarred psyches to talk about horrifying children’s movies. Lady spirit nipples? Shriveled, white aliens laying in a ditch? Gypsy hobo lust? A high school art project Hannah probably thought was cool? You tried to forget, but we’re…

Volume XIII: A Leprechaun Named Leprechaun

Hey¬†Sandra Bullock! Hey¬†Sigourney Weaver! Again! It’s the space episode! Space is terrifying, amiright? You know what’s even more terrifying? Hayden Christensen with a rat tail, political aliens, and how much Julia hates Interstellar. Put on your space helmets, kids, cause this episode is out of this world.

Volume XII: King Kong Just Wants a Girlfriend

It’s death, sadness, and bees on this week’s episode! Julia and Hannah woefully discuss the best and worst movie deaths, including some animated heartbreakers, tanning beds, and the iconic Quentin Tarantino. Also, Julia and Hannah have their first fight. Grab some Kleenex and get ready to weep into your popcorn – it’s the death episode…